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Need help to put dolby in my car

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  • Need help to put dolby in my car

    Hi guys, I look at some post on this forum and I'm getting confused

    I always wanted a surround sound system in my car but I don't know exactly what I should buy and install.

    Is there anyway car computer with a dolby 5.1 inside or do I have to buy an external card or a usb card? I read that if I use a lot of USB tools, I could loose some sound quality... I'll use a usb GPS, is it ok?

    If I already have an amp for my sub, can I still use it or should I buy a 5.1 amp and put my sub on it too?

    The best thing you could do for me its to show me an example of a good system. I want a computer to play dvd, having a GPS and a surround sound system. I'll fix a 7'' touchscreen to control this.

    Thanks a lot for your expertise


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    first question, what do you want to listen to?

    unless you have 5.1 music, you will need some simulation software / hardware to send audio to the centre and rear speakers. and unless it just copies the front audio to other speakers ive never been that impressed with surround sound emulators.

    normal music is 2.0 (eg L + R ONLY)
    movies 5.1 or 7.1

    most pc's if they have digital outputs can pass the AC3 audio thru that to a 5.1 amp, or you can use the analogue outputs to separate amps and tune it by ear.


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      I want to listen to Music show or movie DVD.

      The only speakers who will be one a separate amp will be my sub cause I already have a good amp for it. But yeah, I'll have to adjust it separately.

      Can someone show me what they could prefer for this kind of setup? I canno make the difference between what is good or not...