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Car audio system for $650

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  • Car audio system for $650

    I am planing to buy a new system for my camry 98, but I have no idea about brands and what is good for me. My budget is $650 and I need usb for my ipod.... the sound quality is very important for me (more than the loaudness) and I love bass. Can you help me to select my system...Thanks.

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    Since I'm bored at work here is a list I would do on that budget.

    Pioneer CD player with USB $138
    Phoenix Gold RSD Comp Set $65
    Phoenix Gold RSD 2-way speakers $50

    15" RE SE subwoofer $170
    Hifonics BXi1206D 900wrms @ 2ohms $170
    KNU 4ga Amp Install Kit $27

    Grand Total = $620

    Plus wiring harness for your deck, extra wiring, build your own sub box, etc....

    The only thing I'm not sure of is the deck, I just picked the first USB one I found, it might be worth looking around.

    But the PG speakers, RE sub, and Hifonics amp are all the best "quality per dollar" out there in my opinion.


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      Not tryn' to bring jake down but for sound quility thats not a very good setup

      I would be running everything at 8 ohms it will sound much nicer, and the Rockford Fosgate P1S812 is the way to go it will sound amazing,

      heres a great deal I found, I would get two. Now they will hit hard, very hard but the 15" that jack mentioned will prolly hit harder than two of these. But they will sound 10x better and get you heard down a street (just not as loud) norm 120$ for 46$ x2 = 92$ 180$ Will give then a lil more than full power from these babies about 175 watts and the subs are 150 and can "handle" 300

      These will blow your mind, just excellent speakers 90$ x2 = 180$ great amp 78$ better price nice cd player, you can take phone calls through you system and all that jazz Dual ftw

      Sub=610$ eh and another 30$ for wire and you still save 10 bucks

      But lets get real here unless your JUST running cds this system wont give you the justice it deserves, I would throw another 200 at it and put a computer / 7" touchscreen in instead of a cd and run Flac and your system will sound 100x better then the mp3, wma crap rw-cd crap
      A dual core cpu at 1.6 GHz, and mobo only 84$
      6 Bucks cheaper than the cd player
      1Gig ram 13$

      60$ 320 Gigs of memory plenty to hold every song you ever wanted


      Hell even this would be cool 60$
      take it apart and add this to make it touch|293:1|294:200 32$

      Edit: So about 780$ to get a computer with install, wire, and a psu your looking at 850$ in total spending



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        Which is more important for you, SQ or violent bass? If you ask me a 15" RE on .9Kw is a bit overkill (and most of your budget).

        Because you are on a tight budget, you may want to try running your system with just the front speakers. Think its not for you? Try it, if you're not happy just order rear speakers. I run just front a front stage and love it.

        I have never found head unit power acceptable for your front speakers either. I've installed the PG RSD's on head unit power and on an amp and the difference is staggering. You could run the speakers with one of these:

        ...well wait, head unit?!? This is a CarPC site!!

        Don't buy the $27 amp kit. The included power wire is pretty poor. It's copper clad aluminum and difficult to work with. Not saying it wont work, but spend the extra $12 on their other kit:

        RE subs are cool. I bought a SE-10 for $80 a while ago. Nice sub. Check local craigslist for subs and sub amps. Saves a ton on shipping!


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          Originally posted by Sponge View Post
          Don't buy the $27 amp kit. The included power wire is pretty poor. It's copper clad aluminum and difficult to work with. Not saying it wont work, but spend the extra $12 on their other kit:
          I agree with spending the extra on better wire, especially if you are going to have near 1kw.

          If you want sound quality with a SE, put it in a sealed box, if you want violent bass, have it ported But probably best to just go with a 12" for SQ and box size...

          Jitters, Boss amp? really?


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            Thank you all for responding. Can you tell me is this deal worth to go with? I know I go a lil over my budget. what do you think? Can i get better one with this price?


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              Don't want to start any trouble, but I'm going to have to politely (but sternly) disagree with Jitter's entire post. Where did you get this misinformation?

              Jake's recomendation was pretty good (I use a CarPC as my source so I cannot comment on headunits). I would just like to add that you would benefit from an amp on your front speakers and listen to a friends system before you fill the trunk of a 98 camary with sub(s). A RE SE-10 is more than enough to embarrass you at a stop light .

              Originally posted by misagh_xp View Post
              the sound quality is very important for me (more than the loaudness) and I love bass.
              ^I just caught that. Go with a single 10" or 12" if you feel the need.

              Oh and you do not need 1000watts... or even close to that to make quite a bit of noise. You would be surprised at what 300-600 watts can do.

              And for the record, a ported box can be amazing and is only a bad thing if you don't build the box to the specifications of the sub. Google: WinISD


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                Yeah boss amps are not great by anymeans, but he would get a better sound with a better woofer and crap amp a nice amp and crap woofer. And yeah a ported box is the way to go.


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                  Originally posted by misagh_xp View Post
                  I am planing to buy a new system for my camry 98, but I have no idea about brands and what is good for me. My budget is $650 and I need usb for my ipod.... the sound quality is very important for me (more than the loaudness) and I love bass. Can you help me to select my system...Thanks.
                  Not wanting to be rude or anything, but... if quality is so importaint, why play MP3s then?

                  And for speakers.... There have been some good advices here, but the most importaint advice I can think of is... Is the speaker suited to your ears.

                  For some, speaker brand A can be best, but for others speaker brand B can be much better.. Even if they have the very same stats.

                  Visit a local car audio shop, and listen to some speakers that you can afford. Bring along your own music CD (importaint, use ORIGINAL CD here).

                  Doing so, you'll find the best speaker for your ears within your price range.

                  What kind if bass to you like... the very loud one, or the "punch" one, that you feel more than you hear....
                  A loud bass can be a achieved with good quality speakers, but the punch is allmost not present at all.


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                    I think all of those screen suggestions are very poor and a disservice to a new car pc enthusiast. If he is going to go the car pc route he really needs a screen that has VGA or he is going to suffer from not being able to have readable text onscreen, which is no fun. The resolution on those non-vga screens are far too low. His display would be a muddy blur. He should just be a little patient and save a few extra bucks and buy a true vga screen if he is going the car pc route. I've seen vga touch ready screens as low as $140 with free shipping which is only a $20-$25 difference from that "power a-crap-stick" no vga, no touch overlay junk! Not trying to be mean, but I wouldn't recommend anything power acoustic, especially their screens and head units, to someone i hated! Their products are the biggest waste of money i have ever seen. I know I sound heated, and I apologize but I get steamed when i hear power and acoustic spoken in the same sentence.

                    Think of Power Acoustic products in the same way you would a Super Hot girl that smells and has a bad venereal disease. She may look like a million bucks on the outside, but mess around with her and you will get burned bad. Power Acoustic products look great on paper but I have never seen anything worst on the market. Their products are a joke. Don't be on the receiving end of that bad joke.

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                      ^Boss, Dual, Power Acoustic... its all there^


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                        Originally posted by Sponge View Post

                        ^Boss, Dual, Power Acoustic... its all there^
                        I agree with almost all of this (I havent heard half of the high end stuff.)

                        Speakers are, and always have been personal opinion. Jitter said how wonderful fosgate speakers are. I can't stand anything made by them-their tweeters scream, and the mids always seem to missing something (my opinion, if you love them, great!).

                        I think that a 15" sub is overkill if you are on such a tight budget. a smaller 10, while not as loud, will be better on your wallet. for budget installs, I have found that kicker and sony(gasp!) both make 'ok' low end subs.

                        being that you are asking this question on a car computer forum, most here are goign to tell you that a car computer is the best way to go, and usually requires a larger budget, unless you have extra computer parts laying around.

                        Being that you want sound quality, you might be better off slowly putting money into a system instead of all at once-- there is no cheap system that would fit that budget, and sound good (my 'cheap' quality audio system is nearing $3k, not including the car computer).

                        A couple of speakers here, a amp there, doesn't affect the wallet as much, and the bonus is that you will hear the difference that new add-on made to your system(and encourages you to keep going).
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                          Another good budget component set for under $100:


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                            I am planning to buy these
                            What do you think?
                            I am wondering about amplifire

                            or do you recommend anything else?


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                              If sound quality is as important to you as you said that it was then you will have to amplify your component set regardless of what make you decide on. When it comes to sound quality decent power is a requirement, and having a little bit of head room doesn't hurt either. The quality of your installation will play a the largest role in the overall outcome, even more so than your speaker choice. Remember that rear speakers are rarely ever even needed and more often than not will do more harm than good by pulling the sound stage to the rear of the vehicle where you don't want it. When you go to a concert does the band play behind you or in front of you? If you are planning to use a passive component set, which by your budget I would say that you will, then an amplifier producing at least 100 watts RMS per channel would be what I would be looking for. I personally would pick up a 4 channel making 75 watts RMS per channel and run it bridged into two. That will give you lots of power for the comps, and if you decide to experiment with an active system down the road then the extra two channels are there. Try this before you go the sub route, you may just find that you don't even need one.
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                              Digital Design sub woofers
                              3 runs of 0 gauge wire