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Best speaker placement?

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  • Best speaker placement?

    I have an unusual vehicle I'm adding a system into, a Dodge Sprinter van. The only speaker locations stock are two 4" dash openings. Not working for me. No door mounts, and the doors are too thin too fab anything. Even some sort of custom made pod would be a pain. I'd be hitting it with my knee all the time.

    I have an insane headline to work with though. It's big, sturdy, and has enough room behind it to mount speakers. My question is this. I can either mount the speakers above each of the front seats, facing directly backwards, and they would be down at a 45-degree angle facing the driver and passenger's heads. Or I can mount them on the sides, and they would be facing across the cab froim each other.

    I know neither is ideal, but which would be better? In your face (the ultimate front stage), or in from the sides?

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    Found this picture on google...


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      Originally posted by Crinos View Post
      That looks like it would be better for entertaining passengers if you have them, but would really suck for the driver. Mine is a cargo van converted to a camper, and I'm usually in it solo. I'm more interested in cabin speaker arrangement.

      I've seen pictures of people doing it both ways, I just want to know what should be better acoustically, even if it's just in theory.


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        Usually the most common is to aim them in between the drivers and passengers heads.

        But I would stay away from the headliner for front stage. The best sound comes when all drivers are equal distance from your ears. Is there any room by your feet to build pods?


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          not sure how far you want to take this, but a while back, the (now defunct) Car Audio Magazine had a series on "the car audio system nobody would build" where they used a sprinter van.

          here is the link to the portion on building the front speakers:

          If you read through the different articles, you might be able to pick up some ideas on speaker locations. I deffinately agree w/ Jake, that speakers above your head are just not going to sound very good.
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