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Pci riser cards, what to use?

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  • Pci riser cards, what to use?

    So like the title says, what kind of pci riser card is best for sound cards?

    I am using a Intel D945GCLF, and my mounting location has a maximum height of 2", so any sound card must be mounted on the same plane as the mother board.

    I have been using this:

    but have recently run into a problem where havving the riser card plugged in will not allow the system to post. as soon as I plug the sound card directly into the mobo pci slot, or unplug the whole thing, it will boot fine.

    If no one has any solutions to correct this problem, I will be looking for recomendations on a usb sound card.

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    That riser you have is a good solution. There really isnt any reason why it wouldnt post other than a defect in the riser. I am guessing cheap ebay/china buy right? It should just be a 1-1 extension of the PCI port. So if you plug it in, nothing should happen. If something happens when you plug it in (i.e. no post), then there is a defect in it somewhere.

    I would just order another of those and hope it is not faulty.
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