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  • The Terri Orange Setup

    Hiya peeps and peepets im phil just signed up, being as im about to start my cars boot build soon i thought why not run it past the people who know lol,

    i drive a mk6 orange fiesta 54 plate

    ill start with the head unit, what i will be having in the car

    Clarion DXZ588RUSB mounted with new bezel and single din mount

    from here ill will be setting up 2 x amps 1 x sub and 4 x 6x9's

    the amp and sub is this one (ED PACK 12)
    400w EDGE AMP and a 900W EDGE SUB
    but ill be rebuliding the enclosure later on

    the other amp will be powering the 4 6x9s and is this one
    1200W JUICE AMP and 4 JUICE 450W 6x9's

    and also installing these
    JUICE 1.2F Power Cap and a InPhase Voltmeter

    so my question is--

    is this setup going to work
    ill be running a #4 gauge power cable with a 150amp inline fuse into the power block with 2 100amp fuses inside the block and 2 #8 gauge power cables coming out
    first one : to the power cap then to the 400w amp (power cap for power support for the sub)
    second one : straight into the 1200w amp

    as i have the sub and amp already wired im thinking a 1800w wire kit for the #8 gauge cable for the 1200w amp and buy 15ft of #4 gauge for the powerblock,

    if theres any problems or any advice im welcome to it, bare in mind ive only learnt audio cable and basic audio setup over the past week, be nice lol

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    Not sure if you realize this or not, but this forum is really dedicated to car computers and integrating them with other equipment in a car environment... don't get me wrong, there are alot of knowledgable car audio enthusiests here, but you might get better responses from a car audio forum.

    overall the setup looks good, the biggest things i would change is the amp/sub combo.
    A while back i got a good deal on a amp/sub combo, but both the amp and the sub were junk. it might be better to assemble your own amp, sub, box setup for a better sounding system.

    I also question the quality of the 4 channel amp, becasue only the max wattage is listed, and no other power specs-they should list power per channel, and rms ratings, both per channel, and in bridged mode.
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    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided


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      sorry, i only relised after i posted looking at all the comp in cars nice idea v nice to have, i was thinking that about the amp as ive been doing alot of reading, the sub amp combo is already in the car and sound alrite for now, thanks sorry for misposting **update** going back to what you said about the sub amp combo im wondering how a 300w rms sub runs from a 4 ohm mono 1 x 200 watts RMS, would this mean my sub is underpowered ???