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Sony xplod HU over heating?

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  • Sony xplod HU over heating?

    So my buddy helped me for a bit yesterday to get the CD player (sony Xplod) hooked up in my boat....but now the back of it gets pretty damn hot (hot enough to burn me if I touched it..... Options:

    1) the old am/fm radio that was in there had a much smaller fuse so maybe its getting hot because of that...
    Fix: replace fuse with bigger fuse

    2) the old radio didn't need a as much power so the new radio is trying to pull to much power from the helm.
    Fix: run power back from the battery

    3)the old radio had all seperate "possitive" wires fo the four speakers but the left and right side speakers shared a "negative" wire.... on the new radio this might be creating to many ohms and causing to much resistence causeing it to heat up.
    Fix: run seperate "negatives" for each speaker

    4) a few people said that the back of the radios do get hot and not to worry about it, espesially the sony's. (however it burn me when I touched it so im thinkng that maybe its too hot.)

    Any ideas?

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    with newer radios, they are more sensitive to the way they are hooked up-- you will need to run separate + and - wires to each individul speaker, this should cure the heat issue.
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