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  • Sound level Help!!

    Ok, So I am not entirely new to amps and everything or pcs' But together I kinda am. I am working on getting my car finished YAY!!! I have it up and running enough to at least have radio and GPS.

    The volume on max, just doesn't produce a high enough volume. I have an 04 volkswagen that has a Monsoon amp. I have the soundcard going to ground loop isolaters and then into the amp. I have no problems with static noise or any other pops.

    Its just simply not loud enough. Any ideas?? the simlier and smaller the better, I like my hidden setup. Would a small amp between the sound card and my special amp box then to the amp work?

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    Could be your amp is expecting a more powerful signal. You might look into a line driver to boost it a bit. Perhaps playing with the gain setting on the amp might be able to do something helpful.


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      the Monsoon amp in a VW is not really an amp... Its more of a cross over for the speakers. Most of the amplification is still done by the head unit.


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        I'm confused now. I don't understand what this monsoon thing is.


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          its a crossover. it divides the high and low frequencies between the tweeters and woofers. i think it does some more amplification on top of that but most of it is dne by the head unit from what ive read working on peoples cars with these systems in them


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            Might want to just replace the thing then.


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              You can replace it with a 4 channel amp. If you want to keep the stock speakers then i would suggest getting inline crossovers for the speaker wires to slit the high and low frequencies to they right speakers as the amp will just put out the full range.

              Other wise you could also replace the speakers with some components that come with a crossover module.


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                Thanks> Would the Line driver help? as he suggested, or really just replacing it my only option.


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                  Originally posted by Blankstar85 View Post
                  Thanks> Would the Line driver help? as he suggested, or really just replacing it my only option.
                  going by bratnetworks comments(that it is a crossover, and not a amp) you have 2 options. you can either setup a different amp to go into the monsoon peice, or replace it altogether.

                  if it is a crossover network, and you choose to replace it, you will need to add crossovers to teh speakers to keep from blowing speakers.
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