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    I am new to the new-bmws world....
    ask me how to improve something on a '70ies-'80ies BMW and I can reply, but for Ibus I need Your help,I read several posts and You are pretty good with new bmws.
    I bought a e89 z4 30i, with radio professional and intermediate speaker option(11 speakers and amp, but no DSP )....The big mistake I did is that I forgot to ask bmw dealer to order also the car with IPOD interface....(shame on me, i know)
    So i ordered the retrofit kit ...but I was told I have anyway to go to the dealer to flash MOSt interface to setup the new stuff , I believe is the nickname of CANBUS interface....

    Someone on a german forum told me to get the retrofit kit and buy IBUS interface from or, install it between my laptop and the MOST interface and do the change I need with the right software....But I think that IBUS is on older cars..

    is it a DIY job or I really need to go to the dealer?
    any suggestion about softwares and hardwares for MOST decoding?

    thank you in advance!
    Francescofrom Italy

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    I believe you posted a similar question on E90post. The E9x models do not use an ibus (kbus derivative) like previous models. The E9x use CANbus (actually several seperate CANbus networks) for most of the vehicle, LINbus for a few cabin items, and a MOST ring for the audio (all fiber optic). A MOST ring is not the same as CANbus. Reslers interface is for ibus only and will not work with any part of the E9x.

    As far as I am aware, you will have to have the dealer reflash the vehicle to complete the IPOD retrofit.


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      Yes it's me.....I did a sort of copy-paste for this question.....
      I just booked the whole procedure tomy dealer...and technician over there will work to retrofit the ipod......and retrofit also some interior trim noise.....

      Thank you for your replies!
      Francesco from Italy


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        HighVoltage, Siscobmw's inquiry was regarding the E89 (which I also own and am looking to integrate with a dedicated PC); your answer was for E9x... Are you sure your responses are equally applicable to the E89? (09 and up Z4)


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          retrofit kit is the same for e9x and 1series, also retrofit kit 65 41 2 152 324 that I bought is compatible with x5 and x6.....
          Bmw will reprogram my professional radio , now I am waiting for installation instructions for e89....


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            started problems....
            1 my dealer was not able do give me install instructions....
            2 I suspect that my dealer won't I do DIY job as they lose money
            3 I struggled to remove trims without instructions and without ruining trims....but everything came off with no problems or damage.....
            4 cars after 9 2008 , with no other MOSt interface need a 61 12 2 146 480 optic fiber flash cable with different casing a nd a sort of plug for flash adapter...PN 61136919391....I have to connect this one somewhere and theres a kind of short circuit cover/plug on it....
            just for reference, take a look at this pdf file, page 10, the last picture where bmw talks about connecctor x13816:

            now my question(not few):
            1 WTF the flash cable is?
            2 does someone knows where I have to plug this stuff?
            3 Is this retrofit job bigger than me(It doesn't seems to me like rocket science)?
            4 have you ever seen those cable and adapter on your car ?
            5 Please?
            6 If I can(I have to look at worldwide delivery taxes and rules) I can send a bottle fo good italian wine (not the 1.99 euro wine that you find at every 5th order supermarket) in exchange for this help.(the answer or the winehas to be good, don't tell me" the solution is to go to the dealer, now please this is my address for the bottle..." ....!!!)

            Thank you so much and drink responsibly if you know the answer....

            Thank you so much again,


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              Better go to a dealer. You have no ideea what software and eqiupment is needed for coding-programming. Even if you hook up your interface will not work unless is coded.