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Alpine old style 13pin rgb connect cable

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  • Alpine old style 13pin rgb connect cable

    This is a total long shot, but if there are any old school alpine gurus here, I wanted your help/input on the rgb cable that the cva-1004r (mobile media centre) connects to the kce-104v expansion box. its a 13pin rgb cable with connects shaped like a square with one curved corner (and as I said, 13pins). link shows the terminal its also the same cable that the HU connects to the navi unit and was the interconnect for that system setup type around 2001-4. Basically, mines only 2metres long, I need an extension or a longer version of the same cable but I dont know what the model number or identification of the cable itself is. its only referred to as an rgb cable in the manual etc. searched for days online. would anyone happen to have this old cable sitting around somewhere gathering dust or give me some more info on getting hold of what I need.

    thanks would really appreciate it...

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    Try 01T15696Y02 CABLE TO NVEN851A/NVEN852A $39.99

    System always under construction