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Odd question...? Need help with Jeep (Mopar) HU

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  • Odd question...? Need help with Jeep (Mopar) HU

    I have posted this in multiple forums for months, specific and general ones, but now one to date was able to help me. So with all the great people in here I thought I give it a shot as well.

    My wife has a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that came with the single disk radio system. She likes the controls and asked me to purchase the same radio for our Camper. I found one used but it did not come with the wiring harness. So I purchased the MOPAR wiring harness according to my local Chrysler dealer and it plugs into the "A" port on the right side of the radio (from behind).

    The harness part number is 68032281AA Wiring-Radio.
    The radio part number is P05107095AJ.

    I also unplugged my wife's radio and noticed the following cables (see picture). I measured 12.5V permanently on the red/black thick gage wires. This is regardless of key in ignition or door open. So this tells me that one other cable needs to be a control cable.

    Cables are as follows:

    1 RED
    2 White
    8 green with blue stripe
    9 green with orange stripe
    10 grey with blue stripe
    11 grey with orange stripe
    12 BLACK
    13 white with red stripe

    Rest is empty.

    I assume at this point that 2x grey and 2x green are for the speakers. White and White/Red seem to carry 2.4V regardless of ignition and door status.

    When I use it on the Black/Red only it starts up, goes through a CD cycle and then powers off. Pushing the Power button does not help.

    So I am further assuming that I can not use this radio outside of a Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler as it appears that it need a control signal to start/stop.

    Some people indicated that there are "scosche" adapter but I need to find one that allows me to use the radio outside of the Jeep and not a adapter to run a standard unit inside the Jeep.

    I need help! I know that someone out there is able to help! Please advise.

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    it would be best if this thread were moved to the general car audio section, as the FAQ is for, well, fequently asked questions...

    i really think taht the aftermarket harness is the a very good idea-- not to use in the install, but to use the color codes-- the aftermarket harness will be very clearly labeled, and from there you should be able to determine without a doubt which wire is which.
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      can a moderator please move this?


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        It's also possible that the turn on signal is digital.
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          Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
          it would be best if this thread were moved to the general car audio section, as the FAQ is for, well, fequently asked questions...
          Originally posted by heitjer View Post
          can a moderator please move this?

          <white van man comes along, loads thread into back of, well a white van, and drives to Car Audio, unloads van and moves on to next job>


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            Well here is the official pinout from here r a different version here:
            Radio C2 - Gray 22 way
            1 18RD FUSED B(+) (I.O.D.)
            2 20WT CAN INTERIOR BUS (-)
            3 - USB 5 Volts (Ipod pin 23)
            4 - IPod Serial TxD (Ipod pin 12)
            5 - IPod Serial RxD (Ipod pin 13)
            6 - Ipod Ground (Ipod pin 1)
            8 18GY/LG LEFT REAR SPEAKER (+)
            9 18GY/DG LEFT REAR SPEAKER (-)
            10 18DG/LG RIGHT REAR SPEAKER (+)
            11 18DG/GY RIGHT REAR SPEAKER (-)
            12 18BK/WT GROUND
            13 20WT/OR CAN INTERIOR BUS (+)
            14 - IPod Ground (Ipod pins 29 and 30)
            15 - IPod Audio common Ground (-) (Ipod pin 2)
            16 - IPod Right Audio out (+) (Ipod pin 3)
            17 - IPod Left Audio out (+) (Ipod pin 4)
            18 -
            19 18DG/VT RIGHT FRONT SPEAKERS(+)
            20 18DG/YL RIGHT FRONT SPEAKERS(-)
            21 18GY/VT LEFT FRONT SPEAKERS(+)
            22 18GY/YL LEFT FRONT SPEAKERS(-)

            You probably had the infinity system on the other car that is why all of the pins are not occupied. But the hardest part is to try to interface with the Can-Bus (pins 2 & 13). The typical method a radio it switched on is when the accessory wire feeding into the radio is given a continuous +12v to keep the radio on, and to turn it off is to remove that positive voltage.
            That is not the case with this radio since "Zee Germans" began designing the Chrysler vehicles. The Can-Bus is a data signal controlling system that various devices in the car are also controlled by, like your locks, lights, dashboard, steering wheel controls, and more. The radio activates after it receives a one-time specific signal from the vehicles computer, and deactivates after it receives another one-time specific signal from the computer. Unfortunately, they do not design a device that would preform this function for that factory radio to be used in a different vehicle since the market has more of the focus of installing aftermarket products. If you can decode that signal and build a device to give the appropriate signals at the appropriate time (i.e. start up and shutdown) then you can make it happen. If someone actually makes a piece for your application, then I would stand corrected, but I highly doubt anyone does.
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