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Audi concert Aux in through CD changer, but canít select Changer on head why?

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  • Audi concert Aux in through CD changer, but canít select Changer on head why?

    Hi, I am trying to connect my mp3 player through the CD changer input of the stereo, the stereo input part is easy enough through the CD left and right input and CD ground which takes care of the audio side of things (CD-L, CD-R & S-GND), However how do I get the head unit to see that there is a CD changer attached ( or in this case not connected ) but at least so I select the input through the head unit so the sound can come through from the input. What I have to do is get the head unit to recognise the CD changer input even though there is not one connected, every time I press the CD button twice now if there is no disc in the single disc slot it just says no disc, when there is a CD changer attached by pressing this button twice it should select the changer input, is there a pin I need to connect to another pin perhaps that would mimic if the changer was connected.

    Here is a photo of my diagram of the head unit.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The radio may be expecting some information from the CD unit to say, ''hello, I'm connected", and because it doesn't receive that message it doesn't think there is a CD player there. (probably through the k-bus)

    Sounds very much like the BMW iBus system.

    You may have to find out if someone has hacked the Audi k-bus

    Edit. This Thread might help a bit, it tells you a bit more about the Canbus etc, but doesn't tell you all you need, you will have yo carry on the search. The user MiT, I believe, fitted a carPC and he used to be on (might have been on here as well, not sure about that though)