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    Well I'm pretty excited. Heres my situation.
    I'm trying to build myself a Carputer right? well I have a head unit in my truck that has aux in front but I want it to have Aux in Rear. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. However, I for fun just checked my other car which is a ford mustang. it has a Pioneer deck in it my uncle gave me. I was currious about it, it has two unlabeled rca jacks in the back, I thought it might just be for a subwoofer or amp or something, (not to smart with car audio) So I grabbed a cable that goes from Red White jacks to a single mini jack (iphone) and tested it. Which I hit play on my iPhone I heard music playing (WOOOOO) but also heard static from the radio frequency, which isn't a bad thing because when I lowered the volume to 1 then all of it went a way and all the iPhone music was still at the same volume, When I go to 0 Volume its complete mute. So I stick it at 1. Heres my problem, I only hear music on the back speakers? I'm at a loss on it because I checked the faders and balance and no dice, not only were they at 0 but even when i changed them from left to right nothing switched. Anybody got any clues on this. It might not be a big deal cause I only got 4 speakers in my truck and I guess I could just wire them as rear speakers but it would be nice to see this working the proper way. My Next plan is to move the Pioneer out of my mustang and into my SS S10 and vice versa with the JVC deck. Any help on why the audio only plays in rear would be good to know.

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    Let me better explain myself

    Someone on another forum was all "what?" so heres a little less info

    basically i have a pioneer stereo that has two rca jacks on the back, when I hook up an ipod to those jacks I hear music but only on the rear speakers. its not the fader or balance either since those are 0 throughout. even if I adjust them to only front the audio still stays on the back speakers. Hows the best way to get it so I have audio on all speakers? And is it possible to use the fader with an Aux In?


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      rambling on and on only works in real life (i have a tendency to ramble on--alot) assuming that all the speakers work with a different radio source, i would have to say that you're stuck with it the way it is, unless you decide to get a diferent radio.
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        The RCAs you attempted to hook up to happen to be pre-outs for sub/rears, and not an auxiliary.
        What model of pioneer is it that you have? If it happens to start with something like DEH-P, then the "P" will indicate that you will have another plug on the back of the radio that will allow you to hook up an AUX through the P-bus line with the help of another connector. But if it doesn't have a "P" right after the "DEH-" then yes you either have to live with the front aux or get a different radio.
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          DEH-1700. Guess I'm looking for another one, thanks