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Will DLYON work with this amp?

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  • Will DLYON work with this amp?

    I have a P2140 and I would like to connect the DLYON output to this amp that I have purchased. It is my understanding that the DLYON must be connected to the controller connector on the amp, but... I don't have a controller connector. How would I go about wiring this up? Is it even possible? If not, is there some sort of manual workaround I can use (such as an external relay of some sort)?

    Thank you in advance.

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    From the pictures, it appears that amp only turns on when power is connected to it and as you said does not have a remote turn on like normal amps. The best way to accomplish what you are trying to attempt with an amp that does not have a remote on is to use a standard bosch single pole double throw (SPDT) relay.
    85- ground(-)
    86- DLYON (+12v delay on from the power supply)
    30- output to amp's +12v input
    87a- not connected
    87- Constant (+12v from battery)

    The relay will complete the circuit and powers on the amplifier when the delay on from the power supply activates. And after the the power supply shuts off the remote line removes its power from the DLYON and the amp then turns off.
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