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Parrot bluetooth in vw T5 van...

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  • Parrot bluetooth in vw T5 van...

    Any pro audio fitters out there ?

    I just bought a Parrot 3000 evolution hands free kit and I am fitting at the moment trying to get it all hidden away as much as possible. What I need to know is does the mic have to point directly at you ?

    I want to drill a hole in my courtesy light cluster and fit the mic so just the end sticks out but this will mean the mic points down to the floor from up at mirror height. Will it still work ok, or I might fit it in one of the dash switch blanks whats best ?

    Also I have bought an sot 976 adapter cable for the stereo to connect the Parrot wires to but noticed all the mute wires do not go anywhere on the other side of the sot cable would I be right in thinking you dont need the mute connection when using this sot lead ?