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How connect Carputer to 07 H2 factory Bose??

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  • How connect Carputer to 07 H2 factory Bose??

    anyone done this before? i have seen the PAC and Peripheral (maintain GM chimes, onstar, etc.) box deals that attach to existing 24pin and 12 pin, but it was designed for hooking up to radio. do i connect one of these and "rig" up some RCA cable connectors to soundcard? im sure there is a power and ACC connection into there as well. just looking for some experience with this specific setup as i know GM and the Bose have proprietary issues not designed for the standard bubba trying to put sound to stock speakers. thanks

    I pulled the stock HU and don't want one. Might need inline booster for signal coming out of soundcard.

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    If all it needs is an RCA in, there will be no "rig"ging involved. You would just need a 1/8" male to RCA male adapter like this. (They're cheaper on eBay though.)
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      They should have RCA inputs. Mine did and I think I got this one :
      My 2007 Yukon XL setup.


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        got it workin!!!! was a little worried about all the wires, but somehow go lucky i guess. bought the GMOS-04 and a dual (left/right) RCA female to male 3.5mm that goes into soundblaster 5.1. i didnt even hook up the power or amp turn on and it all works like a champ. super sound. the only issue i have now is engine hum that i think a ground isolator may fix. thanks for the help