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Can you tell me if these are good subs?/Amp help?

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  • Can you tell me if these are good subs?/Amp help?

    Audiobahn ABB122V

    These subwoofers are rated at 800w rms, thats pretty good right?
    What concerns me is how cheap they are, is this just a good deal?

    I dont really have all that much money to invest... So i dont need 'excellent quality' just something that hits as hard as i can afford.

    Assuming this is a good subwoofer I also need help with an amp.

    Since theres two speakers, do i want a 2 channel amp?

    Would i want a 2 channel amp rated at 800 rms - or 1600 rms?

    These are things i haven't learned yet.

    Thank you!!

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    I would really recomend to stay away form audiobahn-- if i am not mistaken, i beleive that they are no longer in bussness-- and IMO, never made a very quality product.

    for recomendations, i would need to know your price range, and what you would plan to listen to most on them(every speaker/sub has its own 'sound')

    also, just in case you haven't realized it, this is first, and foremost, a car computer forum, and the car audio section is mostly for integrating a car audio into a computer controlled setup. you can find a link to some common car audio websites in the sticky at the top of the page(titled 'have a car audio specific question?').
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      "Audiobling" = junk. The only thing that these were ever really any good for was reverse mounted show applications where the frame and magnet structure was totally visible, and even then only the top two models of their subs looked good. The company started off making some not too bad stuff, but then invested more into the "bling" then performance side to attract the young and so informed consumer.
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