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Radio Static when PC is on....

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  • Radio Static when PC is on....

    Hey guys, i just recently installed my carpc into my car. (via mini-itx 1.3ghz, 1gb ram, m2atx, mw100 case etc.) Ive still kept my headunit and got a cable going from the pc to the auxin on the stereo. the pc is located in my glovebox and the power wires go from the drivers side of the dash to the glovebox. the antenna wire for the headunit goes behind the glovebox and to the headunit but its next to the power wires.

    ok thats enough of a background.

    so, with the pc off, listening to the radio through the headunit is good and clear.

    when the pc is turned on, quite a lot of static is heard through the speakers.

    so im thinking that the the power cables are introducing noise into the antenna cable..... but i thought that antenna cables were shielded??!?!

    is there something i can wrap the antenna cable in to reduce the interference?

    or something else i can try to get rid of the noise?


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    there was just another thread this-- wrapping your wires--- try to use some tinfoil to shield the antenna wire for the lenth taht goes by the pc, and then ground it at the radio chassis.
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      power your computer with a household power supply and i bet the noise goes away... the m2 is probably your problem Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        System always under construction


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          turns out that the coax antenna cable was picking up the noise from the power cables.

          as soon as i found a different way to route the antenna cable the noise went away.

          cheers for the help thou!