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No Noise... How did I do that?

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  • No Noise... How did I do that?

    Aight check it out, this is the second install in my sport trac, I had a m2 for my power but I shorted it when I was moving something cant remember at the moment. So, I was at wal-mart getting the oil changed in company truck. (I would never take my personal **** to wal-mart) and I saw this 400w inverter... for 40 bucks. Cool, now I can save money and not get a m4 till I can drop that cash. So I take it home and wire it.Took a positive lead from my distro block and I took some 0gauge I had laying around and grounded the negative post of the inverter. Fired everything and no thump, no noise, no whine... nothing. Played some In Flames... Just Music, No Noise... So I played a movie... Just Movie, No Noise... Put on a porno, No Noise... Just people screwing...

    I do not have anything special between the computer and amp, just headphone jack to rca wires for front and back... then the amp to the factory wiring harness for the speakers... too lazy to run my own wires...

    Is it the fact that I grounded my amp and inverter independently?
    Am I Lucky as my name would suggest?
    Did I do something right and didn't know it?
    I could have sworn up and down I would have some noise, so I got the same inverter, hooked it up in my very first install, same set up just a full size atx instead of my zotac, and again no thump (he has a sub) no noise...

    What the hell did I do right?
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    if its only the psu that change, then theres a good possibility that the m2 is the cause of the problem.
    Maybe its the 0ga ground wire? ground location?
    ps. porn in the car? you crazy!


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      I never had noise... There is maybe 6 inches between grounds and its just to the body that I sanded the paint off... Maybe I'm just that damn good.

      I was in the warehouse here at work. No one could see it from the road. I dont want a ticket like that one guy in NC, or was it washington... It was up north either way.
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        oh my bad, i didn't read correctly. i thought you initially have noise problems.
        Yes it is possible to have inverter setup without noise, and it depends on so many factors other than ground, mostly how noisy your components are, ie. mobo, HD, ram, wires...etc.