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JVC KW-AVX810 in 04solara

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  • JVC KW-AVX810 in 04solara

    Hi Guys,

    I want to know how hard this was and see if i am capable of adding gadgets to my JVC. So i have the sle modle solara and it came with pretty good JBL speakers. I installed the JVC KW-AVX810, extra adapter for steering wheel buttons, extra adapter for jbl speakers...

    I am very interested in adding some type of computer system to my jvc but it could hold all my music, videos, etc. and also act as a regular computer; get internet access, have an itunes, play WoW haha, maybe even have a dj application to control the whole speaker/subs/amps system?

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    as long as it has a aux input, you should be able to connect a computer to it. but using the aux input/ radio, you will never be able to completly control the individual speakers though, without ditching the head unit.

    programs like console and audio mulch would both enable you to control/manipulate the audio to do whatever you need to do(eq, time alignment, bass reconstruction...)

    search around, and check out the FAQ area-- most of those questions have already been answered, so i woun't spnet to much time on them for now...
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