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  • Amp wiring question

    I have an 06 nissan frontier crew cab. I have built my laptop as a test run for my carputer and have everything nav, bluetooth, etc.. working. I am going to have a local shop install my amp as I just don't have time right now to do the whole project.
    1.My question is when they run the 8 gauge wire for my amp under my passenger seat can I splice off of that for my carputer power (that is when I get the permanent computer up and running) or should I go ahead and have them run 2 power cables one under my passenger seat to my amp and the other to the drivers seat.
    2.Also, I will be running a 4 channel amp probably Kenwood, 50w RMS to each channel. If they only run one wire will the 8 gauge be enough?
    3.Is there a better amp solution? I refuse to use Alpine I have had too many problems with their products in the past. Crutchfield is having a sale on the 4 ch Kenwood. Please keep in mind that I do want to keep cost reasonable on the amp. Thanks for your help! I will start a new thread with my install progress once I begin.

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    You would be miles ahead if you a run a 4 gauge wire to a distribution block under the seats then branch off from there with 4 or 8 gauge to your amp/amps and computer. This will also allow for future upgrages that you may consider. Your amplifier choice is really personnal preference so buy what ever you like.
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      Ok one more question.

      Thanks Wizard, if I do decide to do this myself I have searched forums to try and find a way to run the wire through my firewall without drilling a hole. Does anyone out there have an 06 Frontier crew cab that has done this?


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        Open the hood and look for a rubber grommet near either side of theengine bay on the firewall.
        The other side is usually high in the footwell of the driver or passenger compartment.

        A common method of getting cables through the grommet is to run a straightened coathanger through, attach your wire to the coathanger and pull it through the other side.
        Using something to lubricate the wire sheathing can help, too, but don't use anything that might eat away the plastic insulation on the wire or the rubber grommet.
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