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something makes my tweeter clipping ...and a little my midrange...

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  • something makes my tweeter clipping ...and a little my midrange...

    HI....i got something making my tweeters cliping ...

    i do not really hear them...and when i put the sound up the clip....

    the problem appears with my midrange too...but less...

    i played with my gain...but thats not the problem...

    So i would like to know if is there a signal wich can do clipping in my speaker...(in the carputer)

    is there any level that i could lower in the pc? there are many level ajustment everywhere

    my setup:

    asus xonar 2d pci sound card...

    could it be my soud card wich has just 2 volt rms of outpout?
    wich makes my speaker cliping?
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    if you dont understand i could try to explain more...
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      maybe wungun you had a similar problem like that?

      should i just change the sound card?

      what can i do?
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        or maybe it is the asiofor all.?

        is there a way to replace it?
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          i am realluy starting to think it is the vac or the asiofor there anyways to get sound without these?
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            Sounds like a crossover problem.
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              it could also be your cable from the sound card to your amp...had a problem similar to yours once, and that was the midrange on driverside was out completely, replaced the cable, no more issue.
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                i pluged the pc into my hosue....and i plug a headphone in the tweeter jack....

                it made the same thing...

                i try to put my xonar audio card into my other home pc...and the card was playing perfect....

                in my other pc i have windows vista...maybe it is taht....i know that wungun has two sound card with windows xp...but maybe he do not use this outpout(high)
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                  maybe a driver isssus with xp...

                  or the carputer motherboard is not compatible with my sound card
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                    go to see this topic...i almost found the problem...
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                      the problem disappeared completly by changing the psu for an opus 360 w!
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                        Originally posted by summer69guy View Post
                        the problem disappeared completly by changing the psu for an opus 360 w!
                        You can't use a M2 or M4 with PCI sound cards...they are junk.
                        I couldn't even get any sound at ALL with 2 soundcards.

                        Glad to hear you got things figured out!


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                          i will know next time....

                          note to not by cheap things...
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