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doubling power?

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  • doubling power?

    This might be a dumb question but I honestly do not know the answer or if this will work. My head unit has four outputs for speakers. Front right ( +,- ), front left ( +,- ), rear right ( +,- ), and rear left( +,- ). Im only going to be running tweeters off of my head unit because the car speakers are going to be running off a seperate amp. If i connect the front left( + - ) output to one tweeter( + - ), then the front right( + - ) output to the other tweeter( + - ), each tweeter will only be getting 25 watts. Would I be able to wire the front right( + - ) output of the HU and the rear right( + - ) output from the HU together, then wire that to one tweeter to double the power so the tweeter would be getting 50 watts?

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    Chances are no. some amplifiers allow this, which is called bridging. Most headunits do not, and you are likely to damage the headunit in the process if you try it. Check the manual for the headunit and see what it says.
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      Why would you need more than 25 watts to a tweeter anyhow? That should be ample unless you are running big percussion horns or something.
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        some alpines let you bridge the rears for a mono output for a small sub but i have never seen the ability to bridge the front and rears together. but like the above said, read the manual..... but probably not.