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Audio Hook-Up for CarPC to Stock RSX-S 06

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  • Audio Hook-Up for CarPC to Stock RSX-S 06

    Hi, I have an Acura RSX 06 Type-S which has the 6 disc changer and bose speakers and sub. I've been trolling the forums trying to see if there was a way I can hook up my carpc solely to the metra wiring harness. With the research I've done here and on Club RSX, it seems as though there are two ways to bypass the amp, but other research I've done also shows that people hook up aftermarket decks and such without messing with the amp or anything else besides the wiring harness.

    Is it possible to to hook up the carpc to the stock system without the deck?

    If not, is there a way to mod it so it can still be reverted back to stock later if I ever decide to sell the car? The methods of amp bypass I found both involve wire splicing or soldering, which I don't want to do in fear of messing something up.

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    you might be able to use the amp-- try to ask around at car audio shops on how to hook up a ipod to replace the stereo-- if it is similar to my car, it will require a harness to allow you to hook up a aftermarket radio to the factory amp, and you will just need to add a turn on wire to the amp.
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      yeah you can probably keep the factory amp using the metra harness, just make sure you power the blue/white wire on the metra harness when the pc is on. you can connect this to the anti-boom wire on the psu if you are using a vehicle psu. then you can just wire the outputs on the computer to the inputs on the metra harness, should work fine.


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        Oh good idea, I forgot about the amp remote that my m3-atx has. I have it hooked up to the IGN line now so that when I have the keys in the car it'll be on, but I heard that it can make the speakers pop or something? Not sure what the proper way of doing it is with the stock system without a head unit, or if it really even matters...


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          The IGN input on the psu is different than the anti boom REM output of the psu. your goning to want to hook the anti boom to the blue-white wire on the harness


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            Yea but does it make a difference one way or another? It works the way it is now, haven.t heard a pop or anything yet...


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              oh did you already get the amp hooked up? if you did and you dont get a pop out of the speakers when you turn the computer on then you are fine, it makes no difference.


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                sweet, thanks =P