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Powering multiple sources

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  • Powering multiple sources

    I want to install a stand alone screen in my car to play dvds and add a gaming console to. I have a head unit already and i am going to mount a screen into my dash. My question is the screen needs a 12v source. Where would I get this from? The wiring harness is being used to power my head unit, and my battery is occupied powering to 2 amps ( 1 for 4 speakers and 1 for the sub). Would I have to take it from the battery as well to power the screen? Then I would have the 0ga wire connected to the fuse thing, going through my car connected to a power distribution block with three wires coming from the block. One to power one amp, the second to power the other amp, and the third to power the screen? Is there another way of doing this?

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    Yup, can't go wrong with running things to the battery directly. That's always the best way. Fuse by the battery, fuse by the device.
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      yes that might be your best bet but if it were me i would probably just tap into the head unit power (yellow wire if its a aftermarket deck) the circuit should take it just fine