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Pioneer KEH P8600R with Ipod CD IB100???

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  • Pioneer KEH P8600R with Ipod CD IB100???

    Hi this is a big one !! I have a Pioneer KEH P8600R with IP BUS and was wondering if i buy the IPOD CD IB100 interface box will it work? If so will i be able to search tracks etc from the head unit? Anyone using this by any chance? Many Thanks need an answer pretty quick

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    when i had a head unit (car computers rock!!), i had gotten one of those also(on sale at best buy for $20...)

    it works, it emits audio, but searching through large groups of songs/artists/genres is like getting teeth pulled, while they are amputating a arm, with no anethestic...

    there is no search feature, and it is slow-- so lets say that want to find Rolling Stones new album that you just added-- you must got to 'Music'-->'Artist'--> and very very very slooowwwlllyyy,, scroll to 'Rolling Stones'--- it arranges everything alphabetical, so this takes forever-- i always forgot the album i wanted to play by the time i got to the artist.

    leaving it on shuffle was the best option, and it was kind of nice to be able to control it from the deck, but if i had other people in the car that wanted a specific song, i would use a aux input.

    btw, in case you haven't looked at some of the other topic areas, this forum is mostly dedicated to car computers, and installing them in cars. there are alot of great audio guru's that might be able to help you with your questions, but youwill probably get a faster response on some of the car audio forums-- there is a sticky at the top of the page with a list of them.
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