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Double-Din Debacle

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  • Double-Din Debacle

    Ok so I think it's clear that a double-DIN is 4"x7", but I bought a name brand in-dash car kit for my 2009 Accord and the opening is only about 3.75"x6.75". I purchased a double-DIN navi system and of course it doesn't fit. The body is appropriately sized at 4"x7", but the face of the navi system is even another strange dimension: 4.06"x6.5", which is too tall to fit through the in-dash kit. Is it normal for the face to be different dimensions or smaller than the 4"x7" body of the system?

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    no, not normal at all. this car is too new and i cant seem to find a dash kit for it yet. the last body style accord replaced the factory hu with a new panel that mimicked the shape of the old hu, retained the ac controls and gave you a single din opening. cant even find that yet for the new accord. you will more than likely have to make something custom. let us know what you come up with.


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      double-DIN debacle

      I should have put a link to the dash kit:

      Scosche makes it, but the hole for the head unit / system / whatever you call it is about 3.75" x 6.75". That baffles me because I thought double DIN was supposed to be 4"x7"?? Is there a standard face size out there smaller than the 4"x7" specs that I just don't know about?

      I refuse to believe that Scosche just screwed up?


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        the opening for double din is 4x7 but the face of the stereo is smaller, this kit is designed to go over the face of the hu. you only want 4x7 if you intend to slide the cage into the opening, the way this kit mounts you dont need the cage. trust me, it will work. good find on the kit btw


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          wow i just reread the original post and i was way off, sorry for the stupidity. i find it strange that the face of the hu is so tall. to answer your question though, it is normal for the face to be smaller than the body of the system.