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4 channel or 3 channel amp???

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  • 4 channel or 3 channel amp???

    Hi there,

    I have a set of Focal 130V1's (5.25" slim) to go into my MR2. Its a small cabin, so I won't be running any rear fill, but do plan on getting a single 10" sub.

    I want a GOOD 4ch amp to power the 130V1's (nominal rating: 50w, max: 100w), with the other 2ch to be bridged and feed plenty of juice to the 10" sub. I want SQ about SL.

    The other alternative is to buy a 3ch. I want to stay with a single amp as an MR2 is VERY cramped, and I don't want to lose what little free space I have completely to my stereo. Looking to mount it under the seat (best place for it - given that I use my car on a daily basis, and regularly stow gear inside the car).

    MR2's are very small cabins, so I don't think I should worry too much about going crazy on powerful equipment, just getting a good speaker and amp combo and a smart install and setup should do the trick and give me a very nice sounding system.

    I have locked on to a few different models. I am after any advice or alternate recommendations as to my choices....

    Focal 4.75
    - I have heard these run hot, so am concerned about it being mounted under my seat. Also, can they be bridged into 2 channels running the fronts with a bridged channel for the sub (all at 4 ohms)?

    Audison SRX3 or SRX4
    - I have heard these are amazing, and I can source one a little cheaper than the Focal 4.75. I would lean towards the SRX3, as I heard it gets a little more power from its 3 channel setup, than the SRX4 bridged into a 3 channel (60w x 2, as opposed to 75w x 2). Is this correct?

    Arc Audio KS300.4
    - Maybe a little expensive for me. Again, wondering if they are really that much of a step-up in quality over the Audison/Focal to warrant the extra $$. I think they have a little more power, but I don't think I should need it with the speaker/sub setup... Opinions?

    Cadence ZRS9004
    - These are substantially cheaper than the other amps I mentioned. Not sure about Cadence products; I know very little about them. I believe they can be bridged into a 2 x 90w/1 x 250w setup. Should be plenty of power, but what's the SQ like??

    Rockford Fosgate T400
    - What's the quality like of RF's? They are about the same price (here in Japan) as the Audison stuff. Surely no comparison right??

    Alpine PDX / MRP range
    - More expensive than the Audison/Focal amps. Is it worth the price?

    I also was considering the Kicker/Diamond range, but figured they may be a little low in quality to think of hooking up to the Focals. No disrespect to those brands, but I want the Focals to have a comparable amp in quality to give them good, clean power.

    What other options are there to fit my application, with comparable quality and similar/cheaper prices to the amps I have mentioned?