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  • hel with sound card

    hi everyone let me start by sayin im new to external sound cards and i am getting very confused.

    heres the plan i have 2 zapco dc amps one 650.6 and one dc750.2 all the procesing will be done at the amps so all i realy need to do is get a good clean signal to 8 channels preferbly with rca connections. i would like to have basic controls like balance and fader at the computer though. i am planning on running certrafuse as a front end.

    i have a pci expressx16 slot and also usb ports open. i was looking at the esi gigaport hd but not sure what the output voltage is. and it also wouldnt hurt to have something with balanced out puts and a line in for the hd radio.

    my budget is up to lets say $500 but would prefer closer to $200. this is the last piece of hardware i need to install all this but i just dont know enough about sound cards and the different drivers like asio4all or the kx project. and every time i start researching them i get lost and confused.

    any help is appreciated and if you need any specific info please let me know in this thread or via pm and i will tell you everything i can'
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    I have the gigaport hd. To sum it up, it has very low level outputs, and the esi drivers that come with it are junk- don't use them. As long as you use a line driver though, it's fine.

    Though, I have not seen any sound cards with fader controls, or at least nothing that is very easy to access
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