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2.1, 5.1, 7.1 in car enviromment question

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  • 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 in car enviromment question

    old thread and Im resurrecting, I blew onboard audio Anyhow I order one of these X-fi's 5.1. I was wondering this.. I have 7 factory speaker setup + sub (7.1) if i ran it right..but it's cold and im lazy for now.. my original setup Laptop audio only had 2 channel so I split this to 2 amps.. 4ch and monoblock but that didnt give any fade obviously for my front and rear, so my question is all these card that have the 5.1,7.1 in order to acheive the fade are they running there rear speaker in surround mode? I want full range on the front and rears and sub controlled seperatly on another fade. From what Im gathering is the sub out and the rear speakers only work in surround mode so only give the rear speakers a echo effect.. anyone runniing theses type of cards without it in surround mode? that can fade front to rear.

    feel free to comment I was going to do center channel seperate but then i would need another amp and that not worth the cash for center stage.
    I reviewed some other options..
    JLAudio 6 channel 75Wx6 RMS
    JLAudio monoblock 500Rms

    this would give me the 5.1 but not sure if it warrants the extra cash as far as sound, the factory amp had the center tied into the L/R along with the dome tweeters as illustrated in the pic. That I left normal..I suppose I could split all these into a 7.1 but I would like a real world review if anyone has that setup and what there comments are being in such a small area unsing 7.1, 5.1.. as of right now this setup in 4.1
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    Did it.. Done it... now I got to keep the neighbors kids away!!

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    some help

    hey i have that sound card the sound blaster xfi yes its true 5.1 no just delay in the back speakers you can control the levels independently via software for all channels you do have to tweak it to get it to sound right but is very easy also the creative software everytime you reboot your pc will erase the setting at least for me but it sounds awesome better than my old head unit and the built in sound card in the pc also theres an option that gives you nice sound in the back speakers when listening to music not just the front ones and then in movies the 5.1 will kick in in using vlc as video player well hope it help


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      theres some infinity 5 channel amps look on ebay also i would not use the center speaker im looking to get one.
      also if you use vlc like my and choose the 5.1 channel you wiil not hear anything from the center channel if it is setup like this soo if you want true 5.1 gead a second amp probably an oem like yours on ebay for cheap ad youll mach the other one or a 5 channel one like the infinity