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PC Optical Out to Analog In Amp - DAC or DSP?

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  • PC Optical Out to Analog In Amp - DAC or DSP?


    I have been doing some searching and I believe I need a DSP but would appreciate a second opinion.

    I am upgrading my car pc to which has an onboard optical output but my amp has analog inputs. I was hoping to upgrade my amp to all digital later on (once funds were available), but until then, I was hoping I could wire the PCs optical port to the analog inputs on the amp.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks and Regards,


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    you would need a d/a convertor:

    and at $68 each, not a very cheap option...

    from what i have read in the past on toslink outputs-- not sure if it applies to this one or not, but sometimes the toslink output will only work in certain modes-- some don't output stereo, others don't output surround...

    also, that board does have analog audio outputs(their near the wifi antenna), so don't feel locked into only using the toslink output.
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