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Odd Sound Question - Realtek resets audio ports

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  • Odd Sound Question - Realtek resets audio ports

    This issue is mainly related to streetdeck. BUT since it is being done in realtek, I posted it out here in this board.

    Right now it seems that every other time I hibernate (tinyXP) it comes back up and StreetDek has NO sound. Well, it still makes the clicking noise of the GUI for when you hit buttons, but no music. Going out of StreetDeck, I can load up Realtek, and hit the 3D audio demo, and it plays just fine. Go back to StreetDeck and it wont play music.

    So I left and went to Centrafuse, and I have music. I left that, and went to Ride Runner, and I have music. Open Winamp and Itunes, and I have music, all 5 channels. I open StreetDeck, and once again, NO SOUND.

    So i go back to Realtek I/O screen, and I noticed that the front and rear speaker ports are both assigned to rear audio. I unplugged the front, and replugged it, and it pops up and asks me what speaker i just plugged in, and I select FRONT. I hit 3d audio demo, and it plays fine. I go back into StreetDeck and play music, and now it plays... only problem, is it only plays out of the front speakers and sub. You can still hear clicking in the back speakers.

    Any one have any advise or suggestions on what to check for?

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    I bet TinyXP is your problem.
    If you want a leaner OS, install full-on XP and strip it out yourself.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      As a general rule of thumb, if something hardware dosent work as expected in TinyXP (or any other stripped down version of windows), try it with a full copy of XP, chances are it's a TinyXP issue.
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        it is just odd that it ONLY affects StreetDeck. All the other music applications work fine. Centrafuse, RideRunner, Winamp, iTunes, etc. Just StreetDeck.


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          odd things happen when you take a stripped down os from other people
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