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Wierd sound problem, any ideas?

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  • Wierd sound problem, any ideas?

    First off let me describe my setup:
    - 4 channel amp for my speakers
    - power inverter supplying power to my:
    - laptop computer and my
    - lilliput screen.

    It's one of those inverters that has 3 outlets built in. Anyway I'm using a 3.5mm (mini-jack) to 2xRCA cable to connect my laptop or mp3 player to the amp. My problem is that whenever it's plugged into computer and the computer is on it works ok, but when the computer is off or it's just starting, it's buzzing like a mofo, it's really loud. Strangely enough when i plug in my little mp3 player, it doesnt make a sound at all, even when it's turned off. I dont understand why would it be different like that in 2 very similar situations, any ideas? thanks

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    it is the invertor causing the noise-- once your computer starts up, the audio section of the motherboard is started up, and reduces the noise.

    a dc-dc power supply should solve the problem
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      thanks, i always wondered how would that work. Since im using the charger that came with the laptop, do they have dc-dc power supplies with the regular "wall" outlet? or would i just have to splice it in? I also ran into another problem:
      Whenever i plug in the 3.5mm mini-jack into the laptop, it locks itself up. Like it goes into locked screen and then i think it shuts itself off or something. If i plug in ear phones, it works normal, wtf? so i guess there's some current going out of the amp through the rca cable back to the lappy causing it to spazz out and lock itself and then i think shut off? this thing is frustrating,