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Installing amp with sub.

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  • Installing amp with sub.

    Hello, I have Alpine MRP-M500 (500W RMS and 1000W max) amp with SWR-1222D Type R sub (2 ohm, 500W RMS and 1500W peak). I was looking at a 4 gauge amp kit with a 150A fuse.

    1. Will the amplifier be alright with the sub woofer? Is it too much or too little power under powering the sub?

    2. Is the 4 gauge wiring too thick? And will my battery support it.

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    1. yes
    2. 4 ga is perfect i would used 0ga if i were u
    2a. you can buy battery clamps to replace stock ones
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      It looks like the amp and the sub are paired up good.

      I would be more comfortable running 2 or 1/0 ga wire.

      You will need to check the age of the battery, the output of your alternator, and will need to make sure that you have a good solid ground
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        That set up looks good
        You cant have too thick of wires for that
        Your battery can support it. Its a question of weather your alternator can or not. But it should be able to handle it no problem

        your going to need to buy a smaller fuse. 150A isnt going to protect much for that set up
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          As already stated above its all good, but again I would go larger than a single 4 gauge wire. Always run larger than you need to allow for future upgrades, that way you won't be kicking yourself in the gonads later on when you have to do it all over again. Run a 0 gauge wire and be done with it.
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