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mobo + cpu(long post to follow)

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  • mobo + cpu(long post to follow)

    i got a fully active setup :

    3 way front + sub

    later i will surely add another chanel to get a full 4 way + sub.

    ok now i got the intel mobo + cpu dual core...

    i run active with my xonar d2 pci.
    but with just one xonar i cant get the exact number of chanel i want ! (later i waill maybe add some chanels :P) to get a 5 way front + sub...anyways,..

    now i have the folowing with audiomulch and asio driver.

    4 instense of electri-q
    4 instense of rubebrfilter(xover)
    one of voxengo delay

    in electri- q i am using the digital mode(iun all chanels)...and my cpu si at 50% load

    i would like to use when i will have the instense of electri-q per speaker! like 11 intense in the same time!

    so i am wondering if the INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7400 would be enought for this...

    i also need to change my mobo to get two pci port

    so i am wondering if this one is good: ASUS P5KPL-AM SE SKT775.
    is it too cheaper for a carputer?( i think the intel dualcore 1.6 i have now is cheaper...but who knows?

    i live in canada so it is frosty in winter...and hot in summer.

    i got the 360 w opu the power is not a problem.

    thanks...sorry if it is not a perfect post...i am not english
    Carputer to sell :

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    Carputer to sell :


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      after looking at newegg, it seems that there are some issues with that board being DOA a lot.

      i have deployed the sibling to that board, the p5kpl-cm, and have had very few complaints about it at all...(my largest complaint is the clear sticker they put over the heatsink to keep the engraved logo looking nice-- i am concerned that it will burn up later on after running for long periods of time.)

      so far, near at least a 100-150 units, and only 1-2 doa (though it seems to be more often than the p5gc-mx i had been using before)

      i honstly don't know if that board and processor will handle all that processing-- you might want to look at spending a more on both items
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