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1ohm Stable?!

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  • 1ohm Stable?!

    Been a lurker for a while, Brilliant forum i must say!
    I have a Vibe Slick A7 amp
    To go with a Pioneer sub with dual voice coils.
    This means it could be wired 1Ohm or 4Ohm..
    For obvious reasons i want to wire in 1ohm, but my local installer has recommended against, as it may be more unreliable and when wired in 4ohm..
    Just after some opinions really...
    Thanks in advance.

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    According to the specs it's 1ohm stable so it should be good. Make sure you have good power/grounds. If it clips, you might need to swap it over to the 4ohm setup (and then run 2 and get down to 2 ohms )
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      I did think that would be the case.. And also.. Yehhh Its gonna happen.. Just building the Fiberglass enclosure for this one, then i'll move one the second.
      Cheers bud.. Third opinion anyone? Its 1v1 at the moment.. Installer vs Guy from internet.


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        Run it as 4 ohm. Remember- the less resistance you run the sub at the harder you will work the amp, and will cause it to overheat faster. Usually, running subs and amps at 1ohm is used only for competitions- where the setup is only run for a couple minutes.

        Overall, 4 ohms have become the standard for daily used setups- they are more reliable, and cheaper because stuff isn't constantly overheating- and heat is the enemy.

        1 & 2 ohm setups will definatly be louder, but will also push your equipment and your wallet harder
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          If the specs say 1ohm stable, then it should be stable... though I wouldn't trust a non-name brand amp to be stable that low.
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            follow the specs... if the manufacturer says, then its 1ohm stable! if You wire it in 4ohm mode, You will get less than 1/4 of full power! i have an 1ohm stable Massive P500.1 with its 2x PW12 subs (4x4ohm), and works well in parallel 1ohm mode, as manufacturer guarantees it!
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              I have just been looking into similar "problem" with my DLS system. The iridium 10' has two 4 ohm coils. To have it in a sealed box DLS suggested using only one of the coils(!)

              Anyway, at least understanding how complex this is, I can verify that connecting in series or in parallell will not change the sound character (if you had asked yourself that question), only the load of the amp.

              Theoretically you will get 4 times the power in 1ohm as the amp will deliver the same voltage but that requires that the amp can deliver four times the current. If you look at the spec of your amp, you can see that the power does double from 4 to 2 ohms, but from 2 to 1 you only get 150 extra watts. (from 600 to 750) This suggest that the amp might be stable at 1ohm, but it is not working very well. It is working at current limit. This affects the negative feedback inside amp and I would not suggest this.

              So this amp and that speaker is not 100% compatible. Now, playing with the idee of using only one coil and modify the box accordingly.... Funny thing with that setup is that you have the same power handling capacity in the speaker, but you will loose 3dB in sensitivity. So you might just as well go 4 ohm. Which way to go is more what character/box you want. In general one coil means sealed, and two coils ported. But you have to check that out for your specific speaker.

              btw. I will use 4 pole connectors at box, and depending on how its connected externally I will get parallell or serie. I did this because I want to see the difference. The damping factor is higher at series, and I want to test if I can tell the difference. I think I will use series at 99% of the time, and 1% testing its limits...
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