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4 channel amp with 3 channel powerd crossover help

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  • 4 channel amp with 3 channel powerd crossover help

    Hello all!

    Well I have a quick question for you.

    So I have 2x 2channel 1000 watt amps powering my two 12" JL subs, I also have a 4 channel 750 watt amp for my front and rear mids. In this mix I have a 6 channel powered electronic crossover but only have a 4 channel amp, meaning I can only use the mid settings to my 750 amp making me unable to use the high for my tweets. My question is should I get a small amp just to run the highs off of the cross over (Tweets)? Or just stick with the tweets being pluged into the 4 channel pushing mid?

    What amp and what power would you use jsut for 2 tweets?

    I do have a pioneer (No, I am not a fan of pioneer) 2 channel 750 watt amp sitting around I thought i would never use, but would that be over kill on just 2 little alpine tweets?

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    ok, ended up getting a 150w 2 channel kicker amp for the tweets.