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  • Amp specs help!

    Hi, I need to know rms on this amp:

    Please help as soon as possible!!! Also, what would YOU pay for this amp...
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    Upon a google search the specs for the amp seem to range quite a bit from seller to seller. The manufacturers website sucks. But to generalize from what I've seen is that RMS specs tend to be about half the max output. But this is definitely a lower end amp so the range might be even greater.

    What would I pay for it? I wouldn't pay anything for it. But if I was to I wouldn't pay more than $90 - $100 for it.


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      The fact that it doesn't list the RMS wattage shows that the amp doesn't come from a serious audio company and is a reason I wouldn't buy it.
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        thanks guys! I know its a lower end amp and its about 7 years old, BUT i can buy this for 30 bucks!! Should i go for it?? (i want it to power 2 12 subs(only 250watts each)) Will it be good enough?
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          Probably not. There's more to consider than simply watts. What subs are you trying to power? What is your price range for an amp? We might be able to point you in the right direction then.


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            if you use some low end subs, it should be adequate. again, we would need the model number to check the specs to see how adequate it might be...

            $30 is a good deal if you are willing to accept that it might not be very good, and might not meet all of your expectations.

            i started of with a couple of low priced deals like that, and they will work good as long as you expect them not to be perfect, or meet all of your expectations, sadly it was just a stepping stone to a addiction to audio systems...
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