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  • $#[email protected] x-fi wtf

    I upgraded from my crappy c-media card to a soundblaster x-fi. The software raped my os install (at least it looks that way) how much of this stuff is necessary?


    and this is after I uninstalled the obvious like some autoupdate program and some other crapware that would help me be unconfused with a creative mp3 player that I don't own and autoregister and some other crap that would automatically look up titles for my ripped mp3's and manage my cd burner.. holy crap does anyone make a driver for an x-fi that just takes care of sound? I selected "MINIMUM INTALL" during the install of all this stuff ha ha ha that's messed up. What would happen if I selected "FULL INSTALL"? would my computer get crippled?

    I just need 4 channel sound and optical in.


    Chris Krug
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    That was what happened when I had used one for a brief time too- it installed so much junk that it became a starting point for a junk os install for testing different software...

    On the second install, I beleive I went with custom install, and unselected everything but the card driver...

    And then I realized that the card and my then current intel board didn't get along(took up to 20seconds more to boot when x-fi plugged in), so I tossed it to the side and got a esi gigaporthd
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      I'd assume the hlp & helper files are simply that - help files. Hence unecessary.
      The spi? I'd have to google....


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        doesn't anyone make a nice compact driver for the x-fi series?
        Chris Krug
        owner, turbine minivan


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          Creative is notorious for their bloated crappy drivers and horrible support. I have an X-Fi and didn't want/need all of the other apps that come with it, so what I did was just downloaded and installed the driver and nothing else from their website. I think it was just listed as driver, I'm not sure what other processes run in the background after installing it though, it might be the same one you installed.

          If you are going for high quality sound for around the price of an X-Fi, I would recommend something like an HT Omega Striker, or Claro if you have the money, they are really nice cards with good support and drivers, unlike Creative... Just my 2
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