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  • So Confused?? Please help!

    Ok.. I am trying to connect my two amps and my two subs and hopefully have them running before the break is over.. I currently have all the wiring for one amp already in place, deck and everything also. I have an Infinity Reference Series 1600a and 475a that I will install hooked up to 2 Infinity Kappa Series 12" subs in ported box. ( Each sub can handle 350rms) I have been doing some research and keep getting confused. I know that I will need to split the rca cables so each amp gets its own and I also know that each amp will need its own power, grounding, and remote wires. What I need help with is What Gauge wiring should I use? How I will connect the Amps together..(If I even need to bother with it) and any other miscellaneous parts I will need to complete my audio. (such as rca cable splitter???) Please help me.. lol

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    Firstly, what are you using to send audio to your amps? CarPC? HU?
    In either case, you can likely use a 'sub-out' on a head unit for your sub amp. Use either a Front or Rear output to drive your other amp/speakers...
    You can do something similar with a 5.1 or 7.1 sound card...

    For feeding power to your amps, I'd use 4 AWG wire from the battery to the amp location (trunk?), then a distribution block, running from it to the amps with a short run of 8 AWG wire should be fine...keep it as short as possible.
    As for your grounds, either 8 or 4 AWG right from the amps to a common ground point...short as possible as well.
    I'd HIGHLY recommend also upgrading the grounds under the hood/battery (Big Three).


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      I will be using a hu (CLarion vz309). I get all that you are saying but one more thing.. I would need to get a second amp connection from my battery for the second amp?? Would a capacitor be usefull/neccessary? My original wire guage was a 6 i believe.


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        ok, there is a lot here that is wrong, seems to missing, and is confusing...

        this is mainly a car computer forum, the car audio section is moslty for the members insane enough to try to integrate the pc with a sound system...

        you are also posting in the faq area, taht is mainly for, well, frequently asked questions...

        then there are the amps that you have-- a monoblock, and a 4 channel amp.

        while both amps are good, the monoblock, 1600 watt amp will do better for sub duty, and the 4 channel will do better as a fullrange speaker amp.

        the deck that you are using has 6 channel outputs-- so there should be a output for each input on the amps that you have. 2 will be labeled 'sub' these will need to be connected to the sub amp, the others will be labeled as front left, front right, rear right, rear left, for the full range output.

        capacitors are a marketing gimmick. the only ones benifiting from capacitors is the companies selling them-- they end up drawing more power, and hurting the overall performace of the electrical system that you were trying to enhance in the first place...

        the only reson that anyone feels that they need a cap is to 'fix' headlight/taillight dimming, but the reality is that the dimming is caused by a poorly setup sound/electrical system-- by making better connections, and using the proper components, you should not ever have headlight dimming.

        i would personally run a 2-4 gauge wire from the battery, and then split off that wire to power both amps, though, from the parts you listed(a HU, 2 amps, and 2 subs), i do not think that you need the 4x75 watt amp, until you upgrade the fullrange speakers that will better handle the power.

        both amps can be grounded to the nearest solid metal near them, just make sure to sand the paint off the area, so that it has a solid connection.

        just for your referance-- here is a link to a recommended power wire size for a cetrtain amount of wire, and power:

        just remember-- you can always run a larger wire than what you need, and fuse it lower-- the only thing it will hurt is your wallet.
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          Thanks for jumping in Soundman...good advice! I wasn't wanting to spoon feed the OP the details you provided! lol