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Audio with carputer is not comparable to decent head unit...

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  • Audio with carputer is not comparable to decent head unit...

    Certain audio sounds muffled at times... we are using stereo out that is split to the amps and then out to the speakers and sub. 5.1 is basically pointless to even use with Windows 7 and the onboard Realtek because speaker fill is complete ****.

    We had issues with the Realtek drivers and Windows XP so we ditched XP. Also ditched XP because of some hibernation issues.

    What are your guys audio setups?
    How would you correctly and permanently set and adjust the volume so the audio going from the carputer to the amps doesnt turn everything up to insane volume levels with only a couple notches on the volume slider?

    Is anyone using any type of preamp as their audio volume control?

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    sounds like you have some sound issues. what motherboard are you using?

    have you thought about upgrading your audio? USB or PCI.
    there are a lot of options that can give you much better results.
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        I love that option but going with a 6 channel setup (5.1) means that we have to spend a junk load of money on those preamps. Those things are tits... but... $$$ =(


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          i ended up buying 5 of 'em for a total of nearly $300(gasp) (one was defective after the 7 day ebay return policy...)

          for multi channel audio, there is only a couple of higher quality options-- either a audiocontrol unit @$160:

          a couple of 2 channel ones @$30 each(there are different options for this, i'll list one):

          most are good options and should work great for most people, but the entire reason that i went with the cl-rlc's is because i wanted a phyiscal, immidiate, 6 channel, volume control adjustment that the windows control did not allow for. (i like it loud, but try to be courteous at lights, which means that i turn it down at stoplights, and the windows volume control was too sluggish, and slow to reliably do that-- i would still be working on turning it down as the light turned green, and then be distracted for the next 20 seconds getting it back to the level i wanted...).

          i even thought about getting a audiocontrol unit, and then extending the adjustment knobs to the front seat to do it cheaply, but became worried about the extra resistance of the added lenth of wire, and how it could affect the preamp...

          afte pouring over all sorts of options, i could not find a solution to a mutichannel volume control other than the cl-rlc. i was open to having a separate preamp, and volume control (the volume controls that i found all required me to loop audio cables from the trunk, to the dash and back-- i felt that was uneccesary), but could not find anything.

          so, i had little choice but the cl-rlc...
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
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            5.1 in a car is pointless, and windows 7 or vista is lightyears ahead of xp in terms of audio processing. also, current realtek onboard sound chips like the ALC888 are just as good as many home theater receivers when paired with windows vista or 7.


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              Buy a decent sound card (see FAQ), with at least 2V outputs, and place it close to the amp
              (use short rca cables), avoid ground loops, and shield everything well.

              Some guys even using carPC on SQ competitions, so with proper install and high-quality parts,
              you will not notice any difference between a headunit (with sound processor) and a pc.

              I think a decent carPC can compete with a decent headunit, and sometimes, it's cheaper.
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                Tengis, you still owe everyone an answer whether you have confirmed that your amps are turned all the way down rather than turned all the way up. If anything, the onboard audio level is lower than a high quality head unit.

                Your own other thread on the same subject:

                Other than that, I am happy with my mouse wheel based Windows volume control:

                When I fully crank up my volume, I get loud audio that's just below the threshold of clipping. This is girlfriend proof. When someone turns the volume all the way up, the tweeters are not fried and the ears don't bleed.


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                  Add on audio...

                  Add on audio card will always be better than onboard ones since a good quality soudcard will have a dedicated audio processor, like the creative line. Also it doesn't hurt adding a software solution combined like (volumelogic) not longer supported but still available around.
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                    Originally posted by popi79 View Post
                    Add on audio card will always be better than onboard ones since a good quality soudcard will have a dedicated audio processor, like the creative line.
                    thats really not true anymore. just because onboard processes the audio in software, it doesnt not mean its worse then a hardware card (far from it!). whats kept onboard sound from being acceptable was the analog conversion chips, but with the latest packages like the ALC888 you can pretty much forget about the need for a seperate sound card.


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                        Have your amps got gain controls?.if so wind them down.
                        are you using compressed audio files wma,mp3 etc as low sample rates will cause a loss of quality
                        are your speakers up to the job?.can they cope with the amp output?.over drive them and muffled distortion is going to happen

                        I'm using motherboard sound chip with 4ch amp with 12 speakers and a seperate 12" sub with own amp and it sound great.sound control is done through centrafuse and is totally controllable


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                          Two amps and both are Memphis. One is a 4 channel 75w and the other is 1 channel 1100w into the sub. The amps are literally turned all the way down.

                          When turning up the volume on the carputer 25-30% its about as loud as you would expect at 90-95%. Accidentally clicking the volume slider up while hitting the volume up button results in an audio explosion that sends jolts through your intestines and makes you excrement on yourself.


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                            Either you turned your gain knobs on your amp turned the wrong way and they are maxed out or you have some gain in the software player maybe the EQ gain in winamp? Try another software player to check. I suspect your amp gains first as stated previously though, even if you THINK you have it set correctly check it again anyway. Third maybe see if anyone is reporting problems with the drivers. Sometimes you might have to go to realtek to get better drivers instead of what is supplied with the mobo.
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                              Ive got all the newest drivers. Im going to be reinstalling the system here soon... gonna play around with some stuff.