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  • Carpc to OEM amp

    Hi all,

    I would like to have a carputer directly connect to the OEM Amp (which is a Bose 3512 amplifier), which does not have any standard RCA input. Any idea on how i can hook up the carpc directly to the amp?

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    You can either purchase or fabricate a wiring harness for the factory amp.
    You'll have to do some looking to find what you need.
    You can also ask at a car audio shop, but expect to pay more.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      some factory amps require line level, others require speaker level--

      line level would be the signal that comes out of the pc-- if it accepts this, then you would just need to hoock it up correctly.

      speaker level is the higher voltage signal that comes out of a amp-- if it uses a input like this, than you would need a small amp to boost the signal before sending it to the factory amp. a few members have had good luck using motorcycle amps off ebay.
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        If you're good with electronics and soldering you can convert speaker lever input to line level. I did this with the factory amp in my Jeep. At the time I installed my carpc I didn't want to start the audio side of the project so I just modified that amp until I'm ready to deal with the full audio phase of the project.


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          I used a PAC-Audio device to connect my car computer to my factory amp; nice and clean and no need to alter the factory wiring.


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            Thanks for all you guys advise. I have just tailored a cable by myself to connect my computer to the OEM bose amp, and everything works fine. I am trying to connect my OEM blaupunkt back to the carputer (coz i want to use my carputer to listen mp3 without switch on the HU, so lazy ), unfortunately there is a ground loop. Anyway, tailor a cable works fine....