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    finally got some time back, lol

    so i got the screen in, got some of the cables, looking at some head units at the moment(torn between the pioneer deh-5100ub and the jvc hdr-50)
    i've just got a question(not sure if any of u will be able to answer this, i've searched and on the pioneer i think im right)
    im assuming the input in the red box is the aux input?

    on the pioneer, i think i can use 1 of these(it would plug into the little blue input to the bottom right)

    im not sure if this is it, but if this isnt it, what would be another way to get it wired, besides using amps?

    also, if any of you have used the above units or have experience, it would be appreciated if you could give me your personal reviews. im open to any suggestions on which to use(budget for head unit is 250)

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    the port that you are looking at is for the am/fm antenna-- your car should have a very similar jack in the dash..

    on both of those units, the aux input port is on the front, on the bottom right hand corner- just below the usb jack.

    if you did not want to use the front port, i know that pioneer makes a aux input module that plugs into the back(it would use that blue port on the back), and would assume that jvc makes a similar unit...

    the cable in the link is the one that would plug into the back, though i would recomend the pioneer version over a no-name adapter for gauranteed reliablity

    there are 2 models from pioneer-- the CD-RB 10, or the CD-RB 20. the only difference is that the cd-rb10 model is only a aux input, and you cannot connect anything else to the p-bus input, the cd-rb 20 has a aux input, and another p-bus connector on it to allow another device like a ipod, or cdchanger module to connect.

    i am not familiar with jvc's hu's, so i can't help much with the options for that hu...

    oh, and one other thing i wanted to add-- take any advise about which unit to get with your own experience with a grain of salt-- try out both units and whatever unit works best for you is the best-- no matter what anyone says, because you will probably be the priamary user...
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      If you already have a functioning carpc, why not go with the BoomzBox?