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Any Feedback on Creative usb X-fi GO

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  • Any Feedback on Creative usb X-fi GO

    I was wondering if anyone had used the X-fi Go ? I am looking for a pretty simple solution for having my laptop mounted in my trunk and having a soundcard output in my dash from my Usb Hub .. I woud be running from the 3.5m headphone jack on the x-fi go to rca input adapter on my cd changer channel on my alpine deck. Does anyone have any feedback for this product or see any issue with this setup?

    I serached and 99% of the infor I read was regaurding the X-fi 5.1 surround usb not the X-fi go.


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    So searched some more ... I dont see any reference to the X-fi Go in the forums .. maybe I will have to be the guinnea pig?


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      I picked up one of these for my brothers computer system, his onboard sound fried.

      Very simple to install, and works well for his computer, good clean sound.

      Haven't tried it in a carpc environment, and I can't say how it would go being hung off a USB hub rather than direct off the mobo, but for the price, give it a shot

      Its also nice and small, so it will fit in anywhere.


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        thanks for the reply,

        yeah I guess Ill give it a shot.. You can pick them up for 34.99 and frree shipping direct from creative right now . so if it dosent work... oh well I guess... unless is there a tried an tested usb soundcard that doesnt require an external power source like this one?