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Choosing a head unit

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  • Choosing a head unit

    I will use the headunit as an amp for my PC, as well as listenning to radio. I have also a sub in my car, so it would be nice to have a separate Sub out with level and low pass adjustments in it. In addition to this I guess I need a line in for the PC connection?

    EQ's and other functions aren't really needed as I will be using them on my PC rather than the head unit. Any recommendations for a head unit that could take care of these, preferably in under 100 range used, or new?

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    Google, please
    There must be bazillions of options for you to choose from.
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      id go with a brand name headunit that has 4v preouts.... and aux input. other then that, just buy what you think looks cool or seems good. hard to go wrong...


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        there is no perfect brand. whatever works great for me in that price range, might be so horrible for you, that you yell things that shouldn't be said around children .

        for instance, i love pioneer units because the audio settings are easy to get to, and hate alpine because their settings are so hard to get to, but i have talked to plenty of people that curse pioneer, and swear by alpine, or some other brand...

        the best thing that you can do is to go to a local car electronics store, and try out everything in your price range, and find the one that works best for you.
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