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amp goes into protect mode

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  • amp goes into protect mode

    I have a 1000w phonics digital 4 channel amp with 2 10" alpine type e subs. I am aware that a mono amp would be more appropriate for this application, but this is what I have for now. Everything worked just fine for a while (bridged to all 4 channels), and now the amp won't turn on at all. Now that the subs are disconnected, and I have moved the ground to a much better place, the amp still will not turn on (even without the speakers connected). Also, my signal cables are run on the same side as the power and remote (didn't find out that this could be a problem until after everything I installed everything). I plan on getting a mono amp at some point in the future (when I can afford to), but I would just like to get these subs moving in the meantime. Any ideas?