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Bazzoka ELA 60.4 Amp Blowing Fuses

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  • Bazzoka ELA 60.4 Amp Blowing Fuses

    My 600 watt bazooka amp keeps poping fuses. It just recently started like 2 days ago. Everytime the head unit powers on and the amp turns on it either A. Goes into protection or B. Pops fuses. Im using 20 amp fuses which are the correct amperage for the amp. Its got bridged wiring for my subs and bridged wiring on the other two channels for my speakers. I though that might be the problem but it was working fine a day ago until it poped the fuse. I also checked all my wiring 3 times there is no shorts and the ground is a 4gauge wire connected to the front seat bolt. PELASE HELP!