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Need help deciding on speaker amp.

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  • Need help deciding on speaker amp.

    hello people, I need help deciding on an amp, i have 2 460W 6x9 speakers in the rear and 2 160w 6 1/2 speakers in the front, I need an amp that will power both real well so a 4 channel, I want the amp to make the bass sound loud because im not sure I want to set subs in my car, I am looking for something under 150$. thank you.

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    So you want a crappy amp with crappy sound at a cheap price, got it. Sony Xplod should suit your needs perfectly.

    Or if you want to do it another way, the way I would do it, tell us more important details about your speakers rather than random numbers. Impedence? 2 way? 3 way? Crossovers? Any sound deadening? Anyway, the amplifier you choose, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of your sound quality because good clean power from a good amplifier will determine the best sound for your vehicle. First go to Wikipedia and read up on A/B class amplifiers and D class amplifiers.

    Done that? Good. Find an amplifier with 2/4 channels matching the number of speakers you want to use, RMS wattage matching that of your speakers and something capable of bridging down to the ohms your speakers are capable of. And make sure the RMS rating is at least 50% of the peak, it's a reputable manufacturer and that it's the specific class of amplifier you're looking for as stated in the Wikipedia articles.

    That's it.
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      search for sale ads for a cheap powerful amp for $150. most new, decent 4 channel amps are over this amount..

      now for a little explanation-- the reason that you need to use rms ratings to purchase equipment instead of the ratings you posted is because manufacturers lie...

      i know, i know , how could brand 'X' do that? because it is for profit-- they are hoping that you only look at the max wattage numbers, and not the rms.

      speakers ratings simplified-- peak is the real quick max jolt that they can take, rms is the maximum power they can take for hours at a time

      because there is no standard that they must follow(there is CES ratings standard, but there is no law requiring anyone to follow it-- though the reputable companies are.), so that means that to get the max listed on the box, they could be running a speaker underwater(water cooled), with 20,000 hz test tone--the more bass(lower hz)the more current goes through the speaker, and heats it up, and the voice coil blows apart from the extra heat and current...

      this is why a more reputable company will have a lower-max-wattage-per-dollar than a no name company advertising 6,000 watt 6x9's...
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