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Can anybody help answer my questions?

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  • Can anybody help answer my questions?

    Okay, I'm running 2 hifonics brutus 12 inch subs in a 3/4 inch thick slotted box. The subs are 600 watts rms a piece, and they have dual 4 ohm voice coils. I have the subs hooked up to a 2000 watt, 2 ohm stable, SPL phantom series amp. Which I have wired to 4 0hm mono. My head unit is a Pioneer DEH-P5000UB. (which has 4 volt preouts) I'm running 4 gauge wire for power, with 150 amp circuit breaker in place of the fuse and a cheap 1/2farad cap , 6 gauge for ground, and 16 gauge to the subs. Which is all hooked up in my '98 Chevy Blazer.

    My first question is, should i be running it at 4ohm mono, or should i rewire it to 2ohm stereo?
    Also I've heard of putting computer fans in your amp to help keep it cool, is it worth tearing my amp apart to do? My last question is, would i get a higher spl reading in my slotted box or a sealed box?

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    I don't know if your amp is a 2-channel full-range amp, or a mono subwoofer amp. But it sounds like from your post it's a 2-channel amp. You say you've wired your subs for 4 ohm and have it hooked to the amp. I'm assuming you've bridged the amp?

    If that's the case, running in 2-channel with a 2 ohm load on each channel won't give you any more power. 2 x 2ohm load gives the same power as bridged 4-ohm load. When you bridge it, each channel "sees" half of the load, so 2 ohms per channel.

    As for fans, is your amp overheating? Is it going into protection mode? If not, don't bother. If it is, is your amp inside an enclosure so it can't get good airflow?

    As for higher SPL, I believe ported boxes are louder than sealed boxes. But it also depends what frequency the ported box is tuned for.


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      Originally posted by brutus4 View Post
      Can anybody help answer my questions?
      no, your helpless

      sorry, couldn't resist

      to answer your questions, it looks like your wiring could use a little help to get some better numbers--your ground should always be at least as large as your power wire, and is only helping the amp if it is bigger-- like a straw-- it is easy to suck juice through a small straw, but harder to squirt it back out that same straw right? this is where a larger ground wire makes it easier for the amp to get rid of the juice.

      also, you are only running 16 ga speaker wire.

      i would recommend at least 12 ga home theater wire, 8-10 ga wouldn't hurt either.

      also, i recommend home theater type wire because i have been seeing car audio companies skimping on the copper content of car audio cabling-- if you compare a 12 ga car audio speaker wire to a 12 ga home audio wire, the copper content will be much higher in most home theater wire...

      my most recent laugh in car audio was provided by rockford fosgates '12 ga subwoofer wire'-- it had a huge amount of insulation, and the copper content of a 16 ga wire...
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