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Sony CD Player Aux Input Hack / Mod

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  • Sony CD Player Aux Input Hack / Mod

    So, my wife's car CD player has been on the fritz for some time now, and I just picked up a cheap replacement Sony CDX-L600X off of Craigslist for $5 cause it didn't have the wiring harness and I really couldn't test it before I bought it.

    Once I got it home, I bench tested it and it seemed to work, except that there was a CD stuck inside. I opened her up to get the CD out, and now everything seems to work fine...

    However, my wife prefers to listen to her iPod rather than regular CDs, and this unit has no Aux input.... When I pulled the CD drive to get the CD out, I saw that the connector, which connects the CD drive to the main board, is clearly labeled:

    You can see there that the box on the lower left side of the connector corresponds to the pins. The first four are: AU 5V, AU LCH, AU GND, and AU RCH.... I'm assuming that these mean Audio 5v, Left Channel, Audio Ground, and Audio Right Channel....

    I'm not sure what the the 5V would be for in an audio signal, but I'm thinking that I could potentially just wire up a stereo mini-jack connector to the AU LCH, AU RCH, and AU GND connections, and then create a CD that just has one long track of silence to make the CD player activate those channels...

    Any other thoughts on what connectors I might be able to use to "trick" the CD player into thinking that a CD is playing when I really just want an Aux source to play??
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    i have cdx-L380X with use same cd-drive and i want do almoust same but maybe better would be to remove all d-drive and just connect some pins to emulate drive with cd inside. can someone help us in this ?


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      hey ppl any ideas ?


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        If the Sony headunit has a CD changer port and RCA ins or BUS IN as mine is labeled, you just need a UNILINK enabler like this one ( I got one for my CDX-GT320 and I use it for my CarPC input. But you MUST have a BUS-IN or CD-IN RCA jacks on the back of the headunit to use this. If you don't, I don't know what points on that board you'd have to tie into...
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          no it haven't i just want connect like i said but idk what pins to connect to emulate cd inside


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            Honestly, tapping into the existing CD is going to be more difficult than you think.
            I would expect that you would have better results scrapping this project and buying a different headunit with an AUX input.

            The $5 you spent on this headunit will not offset the number of headaches from trying to hack this. I suggest finding a different headunit that has an aux input for your wife. Wire it up and be done with it.
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              Thanks for your idea!

              I have Sony Xplod CDX-L380X car stereo and I looked for solving how to add AUX input. I searched web and found here your image.

              I have tried this - simply wired up right and left channel of old headphones to the Audio right and left pins at the connector on the mainboard plus grounding to the chassis ... And wow!! This works great! There is CD with silent traks in the drive to produce „silent“ from CD player.

              I am really happy that this is working.

              Thanks, thanks ...


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                Yeah, this ended up totally working for me.... we got rid of the car a short while later tho... glad i could help some others too...
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                  I just did this successfully on my Sony Xplod CDX-L480X I bought off ebay for £5. I just got a small jack and wired it up to - AU LCH - AU GND - AU RCH. These are pin 2,3 and 4 on the left hand side. I didn't even have to solder it, I just jammed the wires in to the holes in the plug and trapped them in the connector. I ran the wire out the back of a small hole in the back of the stereo that acts as a wire trap. Also you do not need a CD with sielence on it, I just play any cd and when I plug in my ipod and press play, it just mutes the CD and plays my IPOD when I turn the ipod off it plays then CD again. Amazing, Easy and FREE! Just hope it lasts now and doesn't blow up, if it does I will report back here. Cheers for the (out of date) help, people.