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Amp going into protect mode, checked all my wiring

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  • Amp going into protect mode, checked all my wiring

    Morning guys, I had a weird problem last nite. My speakers made a loud whine(not alternator whine, ground loop issues) and then the amp went into protect. I tested my RCA's and they worked fine and the amp still plays music when I connect my ipod straight to the amp. But the problem is that as soon as I connect the Amp to the motherboard, there is loud whine/pop noise and the amp goes into protect. I also have a USB DAC and it does the exact same thing. So i thought that maybe there was a problem with the Audio out on the motherboard or off my USB DAC but when I connect my headphones straight to the motherboard i still get music with no noise. I know it's not alternator whine or a ground loop issue(i think) because the speakers make a loud whine then the amp goes into protect mode, until I unplug the RCA's from the mother board. Any help is appreciated. I spent a couple hours testing and can't figure out what's happening.

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    Sounds like one of your speaker wires is touching the vehicle ground/ bare metal somehwere.

    Check your speaker wires to make sure they are not touching ground.

    Test with a multimeter in either resistance mode or continuity mode, one lead goes to ground, then test each end of each speaker wire.
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      Well i tried what was mentioned but the speaker wire was fine. When I hook my ipod to the amp it plays fine. it is only when I try connecting the amp to my carputer that i get loud thumps and then the amp goes into protect mode. the RCA cable is fine though since it is the same one i use to connect my ipod to the amp. any other suggestions?


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        If you plug the mp3 player into a car charger then hook it up to the amps, what happens?
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          If i plug it in to charge it still plays music. What I found out though was that when i turned the volume on the MP3 player up loud the amp would go into protect again. So i just completely removed all my wires and started checking one by one. Sure enough I found that as I was routing one of the speaker wires under the carpet it mustve got snagged on something and it was shorting out. So Durwood was right it was the speaker wire. Thanks for all the help guys.